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Monopoly Edinburgh Zoo Edition

Monopoly Edinburgh Zoo Edition

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Ever wanted to own your very own portion of the zoo? Well, now you can, and from the comfort of your coffee table, with the new Monopoly Edinburgh Zoo Edition. Forget Pall Mall and Old Kent Road: this is much more fun. Choose your favourite animals to adopt, from the western grey kangaroo to the giant panda, via geckos, armadillos, tigers and more. Build the enclosures and habitats they need to thrive. Instead of Community Chest and Chance, use Wild Cards and Animal Antics to get ahead of your opponents.

The only stations here are field stations: RZSS conservation locations around the world. You can even buy the deeds to Highland Wildlife Park. Pass Go to earn your salary – a conservationist’s gotta eat. Keep some cash aside for animal feed and habitat regeneration. Rub your hands in glee as your rivals struggle to keep up... and, of course, do everything you can to avoid being sent directly to jail (some things never change).

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